Military Appreciation Exhibit information

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During the month of May 2023, the Bureau County Historical Society will be holding an exhibit honoring the military veterans of Bureau County, from the Civil War to the present. One aspect of this exhibit will feature 103 digitized audio interviews with World War II soldiers and area citizens providing their perspective of life on the homefront.

We are hoping to have a picture of every individual interviewed included on a slideshow. Members of the public will be invited to tour the exhibit and listen to the interviews on a computer with headphones.

To complete this aspect of the project, we are still seeking a photograph for 37 people, ideally in uniform or from the 1930s-40s. If neither of those are an option, a nice photograph of them will suffice. Those individuals are listed below with their hometown, if we know it. If you know someone on this list, have access to a photograph of them, or have contact information for a family member who may be able to assist us, please contact Jessica Gray at If you would like to make a donation to help offset the costs of this exhibit which will be free to our Veterans and Members, click here. Thank you for your help and we look forward to seeing you in May for the exhibit! 

Allen, Ralph Walter – Ohio

Anderson, Frances – Princeton

Bennett, Fred – Neponset

Berry, Leroy – Neponset

Blake, Ellis D. – Kewanee

Dana, LeRoy – Neponset

DeVore, Lawrence – Princeton

Eckhoff, Richard – Dover

Farley, Evelyn – Princeton

Gibons, Richard – Princeton

Gronwald, Jane – Princeton

Harcher, Vivian 

Hartz, Lila – Manlius

Huffaker, Jean – Princeton

Juric, Joseph – Spring Valley

Lyford, Victor – Neponset

Miller, Stanley – Princeton

Morine, Harold S. – Princeton

Newell, Everett J.

Novario, John Francis – Spring Valley

Parker, Hayden Ray – Princeton

Schultz, Robert – Walnut

Smith, Francis – Arlington

Smith, Mary Jane (Neidetcher) – Arlington

Swearingen, Harley – Neponset

Swearingen, Lawrence – Neponset

Thompson, Juanita – Princeton

Trimble, Howard – Princeton

Vaseleski, Ray – Spring Valley

Vickrey, Jack – Princeton

Vinyard, Albert – Wyanet

Wall, Bob – Neponset

Williams, Mary – Princeton

Wolfe, Ralph (Pat) – Walnut

Woodlief, William – Princeton

Ziegler, Lloyd – Walnut

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