BCHS Wishlist for 2023

We have also started a close look at our facilities to ensure they will serve our community for years to come. Here are some of the capital and programming projects that will need funding over the next 2-5 years. If any of these projects interest you, please give us a call at 815.875.2184.

  • Scholarship funds for high school and college/university internships
  • Memorial Day 2023 Exhibit
  • Alarm System for facilities
  • Paint the trim and outside of the Matson Library
  • Tuck point the Clark/Norris Museum
  • Replace the porch door of the Clark/Norris Museum
  • Repair or replace the disabled door of the Newell/Bryant Museum
  • Research room lighting
  • 2nd floor light switch wedding gown room of the Newell/Bryant Museum
  • Research room walls leaching/paint peeling
  • Level the entry before the stairs of the research room
  • Central air conditioning for the Clark/Norris Museum
  • Gutter repair north/east/center of the Clark/Norris Museum
  • Past Perfect Program for collection
  • Small, countertop microwave
  • Desktop Computer and large monitor for exhibits
  • Desktop Printer
  • Printer paper
  • Coffee maker (Thank you Dr. Jeff and Leanne Martin!)
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